Which Journal is Best For You?

A question I receive A LOT is ‘which journal should I get?”, or ‘I currently feel like this (insert feelings here), which journal would be the best?”. I love helping you pick the best journal for you and making sure you have the perfect experience journaling. So I thought I would put together a Journal Guide so you can pick the one that’s the best for you! 

Firstly, a lot of people get confused between the journals and planners. So I am to clear that up! Journals are reflective and more focused on the past or what has happened during the day. Planners are future-focused and written before the day has happened. Journals are better for exploring feelings and dealing with emotions. Whilst planners are better for organisation and to-do lists. 

If you are looking for a journal that helps a specific area of concern, please see the table below to see the best journal for you:

Symptoms/Area of concern


Stress, anxiety & overthinking

Anxiety Journal, Overthinking Journal, Wellbeing Journal

Low mood, depression, negativity

Uplifting Journal, Wellbeing Journal

Physical Health, Mind & Body

Health Journal

Confidence, self-esteem

Self-Love Journal

Combination of everything

Wellbeing Journal 

Wellbeing Journal 
The Wellbeing Journal is the best journal if you want a mix of everything or are new to journaling. The aim of the Wellbeing Journal is to improve mental wellbeing. There are mindfulness activities, Cognitive-Behavioural exercises, self-esteem worksheets and daily practices of positive affirmations, gratitude and self-care. The journal includes lots of space for writing and drawing too. See the Wellbeing Journal here.
Anxiety Journal
The Anxiety Journal does what it says, it focuses on your anxiety. It uses cognitive-behavioural exercises to challenge your anxious thoughts and think about more positive and helpful alternatives. There is also lots of space to vent your thoughts and worries plus mindfulness activities. See the Anxiety Journal here.
Uplifting Journal
The Uplifting Journal focuses on positivity and mood. If you are feeling particularly low or depressed, this journal might be the most beneficial. It includes cognitive-behavioural worksheets, mindfulness and daily entries focusing on affirmations, achievements and more. See the Uplifting Journal here.
Overthinking Journal
The Overthinking Journal is very similar to the Anxiety Journal because Overthinking and Anxiety go hand-in-hand. The Overthinking Journal has a mixture of challenging your thoughts, practicing mindfulness and distracting your mind. There is lots of space in this journal to explore your overthinking and spill all your thoughts onto the page. See the Overthinking Journal here.
Health Journal
The Health Journal focuses on your physical and mental health together. The Health Journal can be used to lose weight, however, it’s not specific to that. It can be used to gain weight, eat healthier or just have a better relationship with your mind and body. It has space for recipe ideas, water and mood trackers, meal planning and exercising planning, plus lots more. See the Health Journal here.
Self-Love Journal 
Finally, the Self-Love Journal aims at making you become your biggest fan. Self-love is so important and this journal focuses on boosting your self-esteem and confidence by using cognitive-behavioural exercises, positive affirmations and lots of exercises to improve your self-perception. See the Self-Love Journal here.
I hope this helps and makes it clearer which journal is best for you!

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  • Jenny Wightman

    Hi. I want to re-order the Gratitude jourbut can’t see it on the website. Can you advise.
    Kind regards
    Jenny Wightman

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