Manifestation Planner

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The Manifestation Planner helps you to create your own plan for living the life of your dreams. Inside, you will find tools and tips to help you harness the power of visualisation, affirmations, goal setting and Law of Attraction.  Whether you want to have a successful career, have more money or find the love of your life, the manifestation planner will help you achieve this. 

This planner provides practical inspiration and easy-to-follow exercises, insights and tips to help you gain clarity on what you want out of life. You'll discover the power of visualisation, use the Scripting technique and develop a vision board. Throughout the book, there are affirmation exercises - positive statements to make about yourself and your goals, plus exercises to overcome any limiting beliefs. With the Manifestation Planner you will be equipped with the practical tools that will help motivate you.




Achieve your biggest wants and desires!


30 weeks of Weekly Planning


Hard-back and Soft-Touch Covers

What’s Inside:

✓ Scripting Exercises

✓ 55x5 Method

✓ Vision Boards

✓ Affirmations

✓ Overcoming Limited Beliefs Exercises