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Every girl needs a badass planner that inspires and motivates her! The Hustle Bitch Planner is ultra functional with lots of space to jot down your daily duties and notes. It includes inspirational quotes, goal setting exercise, habit tracker, weekly scheduler that shows you task for the week, notes section and so much more! Self-improvement is stitched into this planner with daily duties overview and weekly procrastination reviews so you can become more efficient and perform at your best!

This planner will enable you to beat procrastination, focus on your goals and remain organised. With this tool you'll be able to identify what you need to start doing each day, take action and get stuff done!

Stop procrastinating and achieve your goals! 


✓ 14 weeks of Daily Planning

✓ Undated

✓ Daily Motivational Quotes

✓ Hard-back and Soft-Touch Covers

What’s Inside:

✓ Goal Setting Worksheets

✓ Motivational Quotes

✓ Habit Tracker

✓ Weekly Scheduler

✓ 14 Weeks of Daily Planning

✓ Weekly Procrastination Overview

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